About Us

Fitness Baddies in Action started on March 31, 2019. Mika started looking into different waist trainers because the ones she had purchased were either too short, didn't stay in place while working out, would bend or fold, and they just weren't giving what they were suppose to give. So she then found some waist trainers on Amazon, and she began selling them to her friends, family, and coworkers. Her best friend Nikki also bought one from her and started promoting her friend like any best friend would do. Mika then asked Nikki to join her with selling the waist trainers together as a team. Of course Nikki, who was a hustler worker two job said yes and wanted in!

The waist trainers that they started off with were not the best and that motivated them to start looking into better quality trainers. They were able to find an amazing vendor who let them custom make the Waist Finesser!!! And after that it was on and popping!! They started selling the Waist Finessers out of their trunks and also added Finesse Cream and Finesse Tea!! Mika then got fired from her job in September of 2019 and made a promise to herself she was not gonna punch another clock! She began going hard and was able to find a suite for the business in March of 2020. The Baddies then had a location for people to come to and shop. That was the turning point in the business!! 

Shortly after moving into the suite COVID hit and they got scared that things wouldn't go as planned. To there surprise things actually took off faster than they thought, and the sales were pouring in!! They were able to add multiple new products and upgrade everything!! 

May of 2021 they were able to move into their very own store front!!! The grand opening was so amazing and brought the city out!! The growth has been so amazing!!

Fitness Baddies in Action specializes in helping the everyday woman shed pounds and build confidence. The Waist Finessers start at a 3XS and go up to a 8XL !! The goal is to be able to help as many woman as possible. The Baddies encourage women to get in action to live a healthy lifestyle. The products also help women who have had BBL's, Tummy Tucks, and Lipo be able to keep their bodies nice and tight!